This is Me, This is My First Blog

My story is 51 years long with even more chapters.  Where should I begin?  My past is filled with mostly wonderful, yet sometimes painful, stories. My future is bright with, hopefully, many chapters to still be written.  But, it’s a fearful future with so much in doubt.  I’ve always been an optimistic person.  I’m the guy that’s all about living in the moment!  It’s really all we have.    So, I’ll start with where I am today.  My name is Jeff Bodinson.  I’m 51 years old, and have lived in Kansas City, Missouri my entire life.  As I sit here at my kitchen table, looking out on the first sunny morning in more than two weeks, my heart is full.  I’ve had a good life.  It hasn’t been a walk in the park, but the struggles have led me to where I am right now.  

My wife, Krista, and I live near the town of Liberty with our teenage sons.  Jackson is 16, and Carson is 14.  They will both be at Liberty North High School next Fall.  We have a beautiful home in a Middle Class neighborhood called Benson Place with some good neighbors.  We have some incredible friends that are more like family.  Our lives revolve around our boys, and their activities.  We are regularly on the go, and usually have to divide and conquer in order for one of us to be there for each of them.  In order to make this all happen we work hard. 

Kris has been with the State of Missouri/Division of Youth Services for 25 years.  She is a Service Coordinator, and works diligently to help the troubled teens in our community.  She is awesome at what she does, but she doesn’t get the kudos or the pay she deserves.  October 27, 2017 will mark my 20th year with the Kansas City, Mo Fire Department.  It’s been a nice career.  I’ve had many memorable moments, and some devastating ones, as well.  Sadly, firefighters don’t receive the salary they deserve, either.  We work second and third jobs to make it all work.  I’ve had many side hustles in my 20 years.  Recently, I obtained my Real Estate license here in Missouri, and will be testing soon for my Kansas license.  I’m hopeful that it leads to success, and will be my last side job.  In the meantime, I am a Chauffeur for a local transportation company, and do a little Uber, too.

If I can keep this Blog going, and that is my goal, I will be writing about my life.  I will share my many joys, the highs.  I’ll divulge my darkest moments, the lows.  My expectation is to try to do it once a week, maybe more.  You’ll read true stories of my past experiences, and how they affected me and those around me.  Some may be shocking, many will be funny, but all will be real.  Don’t worry!  Names may be changed to protect us all.  My intent is to provide some insight into my thoughts, and maybe create a connection with many of you out there struggling.  You’ll know that you’re not alone.  It would be a cool thing to know that I helped somebody.  It’s what I strive to do every day, and has turned into my life’s purpose. 

I believe we, as human beings, have much more in common than we know.  We all have hearts that have been broken, but long to be filled with love.  We all have brains that are so intricate and can do amazing things.  But, we don’t use them like they were intended to be used.  We thrive to be educated & stimulated, to live a life of purpose, to be surrounded by the ones we love, and to be comfortable as we grow old.  We all have so many emotions that we feel about all things.  We have so much in common!  We all have fears and worries, but still live with hope.  We have faith that it will all work out, but it is regularly challenged.  We love deeply, live to have it reciprocated, and suffer when it is not. However, we tend to focus on what is wrong with another person instead of what is right.  The problem lies in our differences, and how those differences affect relationships.  It’s time we change the direction this world is heading.  We need to lift up, reach out, and lend a hand to our fellow man.  It would be epic to see more empathy in our society, instead of so much discord and hate.  This is something that is achievable.  By starting this blog I’m trying to do my part.